‘Tis the season

Christmas is just around the corner. Although I don’t have any traffic on this site at the time of this post, I would still like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With whatever your plans are for the Holiday Season, I hope you have a great time with friends and family.

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Contact Us currently unavailable:

Just a quick note that I currently do not have contact information on my site due to spammers. I hope to have contact information in the future, but unfortunately I am unable to think of anti-spam measures.

I do have a security plugin which I’m hoping to eventually upgrade. I do hope this will keep both human and bot spammers at bay.

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Recent update:

A few days ago I’ve added a Clickable Image to my website to redirect users directly to my message board. This banner is the same one I use on my message board. Because of the image, I do hope it will help users to join my message board.

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Still under Development

I’ve recently redid my site and was switched over from Zenfolio to WordPress. This site is still under development. At this time it’s hard to say how long it will take to finish my site and adding in some galleries.

A few things I’ve also done is I currently removed the registration forms and VIP area. I was not going to bother with it because just trying to filter out all human spammers could be tedious and painstaking, but I recently found a Plugin. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to test it for members who wish to register. Sometime in the next while, though, I’m hoping to upgrade to Pro which has a few more features.

I’ve also removed the “News” page as well and will just use the Blog.

One major thing I’m hoping to do once I figure it out is to customize the blog using CSS codes.

I don’t have much on my site at the moment since I changed from Zenfolio to WordPress, but hope to get more content on here soon.

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