Here are a couple events to keep in mind if you’re interested. The BV Farmers’ Market is during the Summer. Wintergold is often the last weekend (Friday and Saturday) in November and after that One of a Kind is held a few weeks in December. You can always check out their websites for more information.

BV Farmers’ Market – I’ve been at the market the past few years, but unfortunately isn’t been slow Summer of 2018. I wasn’t there for most of the summer, but I’m hoping to go again this year (2019) if it’s busier than last year. The Outdoor Market is in the Central Park Building parking lot (Museum and Art Gallery), along Highway 16, between Queen Street and Main Street behind the Fire Hall. The hours have also slightly been changed. For a number of years, the hours used to be 9am-2pm. The hours recently (2017 if I remember correctly?) have been changed to 8:30am-1:30pm. The BV Farmers’ Market runs on Saturdays. You can also find some information on the Indoor Market from the provided link. The hours and location are different for the Indoor Market.

Wintergold – Wintergold’s a Winter Craft Fair held in the Art Gallery on Highway 16 and Main Street, the building in which the parking lot is used for BV Farmers’ Market. I’ve been doing Wintergold the past few years, but unlike the Farmers’ Market, Wintergold is only 2 days long, usually the last Friday and Saturday in November. I really do enjoy Wintergold. It runs on Friday from 5-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm. The vender feels and the admission fees go directly towards the museum/art gallery as they’re a Non-Profit Organization that is rune solely by Volunteers.

One of a kind – Artisan Christmas Gift Shop – Similar to Wintergold, but persons selling their wares drop them off. The Art Gallery takes a percentage for Commission, which again goes directly to the Museum/Art Gallery. I’ve also been doing One of a kind Artisan Christmas Gift Shop the past few years. This past year had been my best year yet and hope will pick up in the years to come. For those who participate in One of a kind Craft Fair will drop off their items. The art gallery will sell them, and like I’ve said will keep a commission rate for the art gallery. The One of a kind Artisan Christmas Gift Shop runs for a few weeks in December, following the Wintergold at the end of November.

Please note that the first two links (for BV Farmers’ Market and Wintergold) are linked to their actual sites, but the third link is linked to the Smithers Event Calendar. Although the Event Calendar listing for One of a kind – Artisan Christmas Gift Shop seems to be stuck in 2017, I hope you still get the idea. You can get more information about the BV Farmers’ Market and Wintergold from the links provided.

I am aware that I don’t have much traffic on my website to date, but for those who do find my site, if possible, to visit these events.