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Boreal Message Board – This is my new board, only a couple months old (at the time of this post). This board is also family-friendly and is aimed mostly at Outdoor Survival. I was hoping to do Wilderness, but that one has been taken but now I’m glad I could do Boreal. In this message board, you can talk about tips on how to survive in the wilderness as well as other topics such as sports, hiking and more, and just like my other board you have the opportunity to share your pictures. There’s even an area on the board where you can post news about hiking areas in your area. I so far have only three users, including myself, but again this board is only a couple months old. I personally hope this board will do better than my other board.

I would kindly ask that you help make my boards a success. You can always check out my boards without having to login before you decide if you wish to join or not. Regardless if you’re active or not, I do have a theory that the more users I get the more active the board will be.

Using Message Boards, however, is actually quite easy to use. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, or never heard of them, here is a documentation that may help.

Internet Forum – Wikipedia

Important Information on how to use Message Boards

You first have to sign up for an account. Right behind where it says “Welcome Guest”, you can either login or register. You do have to register an account before you are allowed to post. Once you click the “Register” link, you’ll be brought to a page with some terms. You check the box and then “Register”. Fill out the required information.